Thursday, October 29, 2020

Clubs for Transgender, Nonbinary, Gender-Expansive, LGBTQ+ Youth

Here are user-friendly links to my clubs for various age groups. Please note that I am constantly running multiple sections of each group. If they do not appear to be running, it is because they are full, and Outschool's platform does not easily distinguish between full offerings and offerings with no current sections. FYI: The easiest time to snag a spot in a full ongoing Outschool class is on Sunday mid-day (Pacific US time), as this is when the system renews subscriptions for the week.

Rainbow club (5-9)

Tween club (8-12)

Teen club (13-17)

Note that I am flexible on ages, and I ask families to choose the group that is the best for where their child seems to fit developmentally and socially. However, please refrain from choosing a group that is less appropriate simply because it has space; group spaces do open up every few weeks. Also please note that I have rearranged my age groups a bit and consolidated the middle-school/high-school groups into one teen group. This was done as I was finding that my 11-14 and 14-17 groups both tended to be mostly 12-14s (there are few older teens on the platform as many older teens are no longer seeking out adult-led/parent-involved programming, and those who are tend to be socially on the young side). 

Additionally, I have an LGBTQ+ book club and LGBTQ+ Dungeons and Dragons campaigns that run off and on. 

Book club details

Dungeons and Dragons details

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